St. Francis Animal Sanctuary considers the lives of feral cats to be important. Many cats at our shelter
are feral and may never be "pet material." But we love them all the same. Help us with the ongoing
expense of caring for and rehabilitating them.
We ask that you sponsor one of these cats  With the funds we receive from your sponsorship, we can
spay or neuter, vaccinate and leukemia-test your chosen kitty for $85, as well as providing basic care for
the first month at the shelter.
Winter is a female cat who is solid white except for one
large spot of orange on her head.  She is completely feral
and was born outdoors.  Would you like to sponsor her?
Tobin is one of the older males, but
only about 2 years of age..
Marble is one of the orange feral males.  He is young, less than
1 year old.  He is close to Tobin, pictured above.  Marble's
beautiful marble pattern sets him apart from the rest of the
males.  If you sponser this cat, I will send you his photo and info
in the mail.  Email saintfrancisanimalsanctuary@yahoo.com if
you would like to sponsor this cat.
A few months ago, we took in over 30 cats from a rescue situation at a house in the West Side.  We
desperately need sponsors to provide funds to take care of all these new cats.  There are about 15 male
cats waiting to be fixed.  Until they are fixed, they will be confined.  With your sponsorship, the male will
be allowed free roam.  If you would like to sponsor an orange male, please email
saintfrancisanimalsanctuary@yahoo.com or call  881-0862.
------------------------------------THE ORANGE MALES---------------------------------------