We are in dire need of funds...can you help by making a donation or sponsoring a cat?
We are collecting printer cartridges... For more information, please email us and we will forward the list of cartridges we are collecting.
Many people don't realize the cost involved in keeping cats until they are ready for their forever home.  The cost for 1 cat to get spay/neutered and its first vaccination is $50, the booster vaccine is another $10, another $10 for the FeLV test, plus the additional cost of $15 per month for food/litter per cat  This adds up to $85 just for the first month. 

There are two types of sponsorship, one is for
feral cats (cats that are wild, therefore hard to place) and one for cats with health problems --  feline leukemia, those needing emergency surgeries, etc.. 

You can send your donation to St. Francis Animal Sanctuary, PO Box 1212, Buffalo, NY  14213 or you can pay through Paypal or Donate For Good.  If you are donating by mail, please let us know what cat you are sponsoring. If you are donating through Paypal or Network For Good, please email us and let us know.  Thanks!
Our cat shelter has recently moved into a permanent home! Our wish list is therefore expanded.
   Cat toys and beds, scratching posts, jungle gyms, cat houses. We don't have much to start out with!
   Window seats for all of our windows.
   Cages, cat carriers and humane traps.
   Cases of canned cat food.
   Building and home remodeling supplies, such as flooring, paint, drywall, fixtures, screen doors and any sort of home decorating item. We want to make the place beautiful for the kitties.
   Clothes washer.
   Furniture (must be reasonably clean and gently used).
   Cat and dog vitamins, hairball remedy, kitten food and formula, worm medications, Advantage for fleas (preferably large-dog size), ear mite medication, herbal supplements, Missing Link.

We need volunteer help with the following:
   Transportation to and from the vet for spaying, neutering and general care.
   Daily CLEANUP and cat care/feeding at the shelter. Please don't volunteer for this unless you are actually committed to CLEANING, including litterboxes and messes of all sorts. Previous volunteers have let the cats down by giving them affection but not attending to the cleanliness of their environment.
   Moving donated items, such as clothes washer, furniture, etc., to the shelter.
   All types of home remodeling tasks: installation of flooring, painting, plumbing, windows, etc. Also our new place needs some electrical work; we need a ceiling fan, ceiling light and track lighting installed. We also need some doors put up.
   Construction of an outdoor, caged-in area with cat door: so that the kitties can enjoy the sunshine and the feel of grass under their toes!
   Fundraising and grantwriting. Including assistance with our printer cartridge recycling project, especially if you are involved with a business that uses a lot of cartridges. Contact us!
   CRAFT ITEMS for us to sell! If you can make cat beds or other crocheted or knitted items, jewelry (especially with an animal theme), needlepoint, artwork, calligraphy or any other craft, please call us! The cats and dogs need your help!
   Folks to work at craft fairs, malls, festivals and pet store displays.
   A TRUCKER (YES!) to spend about twelve hours transporting a truckload of dry cat food for us sometime in late summer or fall. It would be loaded for you, and we will unload it when you get here. PLEASE HELP US!
   Someone who can print color brochures and newletters for us in quantity (250-1000). We would also love to have someone print color photographs of our animals so that we can place "Cat-alogs" and "Dog-alogs" of adoptable animals on display at local pet stores and veterinarians.
   Computer-savvy people who can work on our website.