graphics by diabella
Peggy is a former feral cat, born outdoors on the West side of Buffalo. Although she never became completely tame, Peggy was still adopted by Mary Theresa, a senior citizen and native of Ireland who loved Peggy anyway and gave her her beautiful new name. When Mary was no longer able to care for Peggy due to physical limitations, Andy, a kind neighbor of Mary's in the Santa Rosa Senior Apartments, took over Peggy's care. Now that Peggy lives with Andy, Mary Theresa and many other seniors on the floor visit regularly, chipping in to bring Peggy offerings of her favorite food, shrimp. (She is up to about 25 lbs., and is queen of her domain, as her new picture will show.) Stay tuned!
ADOPTED 3/27/02
Houdini is a Schnauzer mix who was tortured and abused as a young pup. He was burned, beaten and put out for the trash by his original owners, and subsequently rescued from a local animal shelter. Because of his injuries, however, he had suffered brain damage and was partially blind. His care proved too difficult for his well-intentioned new owners. At the age of four years, Houdini was surrendered to St. Francis in need of much medical care and rehabilitation. An ad in the Hamburg Sun about his sad history and his special needs allowed us to find a family that could give him the full-time love and attention he has always deserved!  He now plays with the children,  climbs stairs and is a bona fide, card-carrying family dog!.
ADOPTED 3/18/02
Pepperoni was found behind a pizzeria (hence her name).  One of her strongest points was fierce tail-chasing. Another was her large, perpetually astonished eyes. She found a home with a young couple with a dog.
Peppie was abandoned by his original family, who moved away and left him behind.  He waited hopefully for their return, alone under the empty house, for months of bitter winter cold. Construction workers at a neighboring house notified us of his vigil. At first, Peppie resisted being rescued, but we finally convinced him that his former owners  didn't deserve his loyalty.

Now Peppie  has a loving home with a family that spoils him.