Ways YOU can help
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Alison - was adopted by her foster mother.  She was one of two three-week-old kittens found in a plastic garbage bag in a dumpster in Buffalo's Perry Projects.  She has a wonderful home as of 2002.
Baby - She and her brother, Cookie, came to us when their owner, Dorothy, died of breast cancer.  Baby was featured in the Hamburg Sun and was adopted almost immediately on 8/7/02. Unfortunately, Cookie is still waiting for a permanent home. He's a handsome orange and white fellow, very mild-mannered! Look for his picture under Adoptions.
Buttercup was adopted twice through St. Francis: first by Ruth Nolan, a true cat-lover who died several years later. Buttercup then found a wonderful home with Tonawanda family, who we are grateful were willing to deal with his dominant behavior toward their other cats. He was adopted 3/18/02
Orange Blossom was adopted 5/2004.  She is a beautiful, affectionate long-haired female, not quite 1 year old.  She was rescued from an abandoned house on Buffalo's West Side, along with two other adult female cats and two litters of kittens (one belonged to Orange Blossom. 
ADOPTED 4/3/04 -- Both Little Man (now known as Waffles) and Midnight were adopted into the same home... it was a remarkable experience... when we let Waffles out of his carrier... and he saw the whole family... I swore he smiled.  He went from kid to kid, like he was introducing himself... and by the end of the night... Midnight was playing chase with the 2 yr old... she was chasing him.  Not vice versa!
In May 2004 a 15-year old male cat was sent to us from a concerned owner in NYC who could no longer care for him.  One of our volunteers brought him into her home almost immediately, where he shares the spotlight in a new 'forever home.' DANNY
Danny was one of the most loving cats in the shelter.  He was adopted in May 2004  by a young couple who will give him all the love he needs!
Also in May, we acquired a Siamese as well as an Oriental from a breeder.  The Siamese was adopted right away.  We still have our little 'Orboy' though, if anyone wants to give him a home!